S n' M poultry


S n M Poultry(Shelton n' McCoy Poultry)


Hi my name is Jeffrey Shelton. We are small hobby farm located inbetween Colton,CA and Moreno Valley,CA in a place called Reche Canyon. I own and operate S n M Poultry.


We breed and raise the fallowing breeds:

  • Lemon Blue Modern Game Bantams
  • Lemon Splash Modern Game Bantams
  • Brown Red Modern Game Bantams
  • Serama Bantams
  • White Showgirl Bantams 
  • Fawn duckwing Old English Game Bantams
  • Brassy Back Old English Game Bantams
  • Naked Necks(Turkens)
  • White Laced Red Cornish Bantams
  • Oregon Gray Turkeys

Payment Info.

Here at S n M Poultry we use a payment plan called recive then deliver. This is were when we recive the money we ship. We take personal checks, cash, and money orders.